How To Get Through Dreaded Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can happen to anyone, regardless of gender or age. A lack of knowledge on how to prevent these attacks can make them a permanent part of your life. Read on for good advice on how to keep panic attacks from attacking your life!

Dealing with anxiety is far more difficult if you have to face it alone. Having a good support system will help you overcome your personal obstacles. There is nothing like the comfort of a good friend.

TIP! An online support group for those who suffer from panic disorders could be a benefit. You can learn about treatments for panic attacks and express your concerns to people who understand your situation.

Apply deep breathing techniques to shorten the duration of a panic attack. Breathe slowly and deliberately. As you inhale, count to five, allowing your stomach to rise, then count to five as you exhale. Inhale using your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this 10 times, and you will start to feel better.

Let them come over so that you can speak in person. This may provide you with immediate relief.

Sometimes when you start to feel an attack, it can be better to just accept it, and not fight it. Try to find ways to treat your anxiety disorder. Trying to resist an attack can increase you anxiety levels and make the attack worse. Accept that the attack is happening and stay calm. It will pass much quicker.

TIP! Breathing exercises are essential for dealing with panic attacks. You can get control over future attacks by learning to have a more relaxed and open manner of breathing.

By positive thinking and relaxing thoughts, you can work your way through any panic attack. You must remind yourself that panic attacks eventually get better. Tell yourself to stay calm and don’t lose control.

An essential tip for anyone that suffers from panic attacks: when an attacks strikes, as much as you can, remain aware of what is physically happening. Tell yourself repeatedly that you are just over-stimulated, and your nervous system is reacting to that. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. By doing this it will help keep perspective of the episode, which should lead to a faster resolution. That is not to downplay the severity of this problem, but using this thought process can help mitigate some of the panicky feelings.

It is a good idea to reach out and talk to someone when you feel stress building up. Words of comfort from someone you care about can often ease the stress. A hug is also a good option because it releases endorphins and relaxes you. Having another person hug and comfort you can give you a feeling of safety, both calming and reassuring you.


One of the best ways to control a panic attack is by concentrating on your breathing. Breathing deeply and slowly helps by keeping you relaxed and focused and by increasing circulation, slowing your pulse and lowering your blood pressure, making your body less tense.

You can make an attempt to work yourself right out of having a panic attack. Your thoughts and feelings do not determine what you do. Try doing the opposite of what the negative feelings are pushing you to do. Understand that it can help you overcome the attack by ignoring your feelings and choosing a different reaction.

Talk therapy is an effective way for children to deal with panic attacks. This is a clue that they may be dealing with something very distressing and they need to talk it over with someone. Always be open and honest with your child.

TIP! Anxiety will become worse if you feel alone. When you are trying to deal with your panic attacks, it is important that you have people around you to help get through your issues and problems.

The fear of an approaching panic attack may often trigger an actual attack. Therefore, you will often benefit if you take a break from worrying about your attacks. Those thoughts can cause an attack itself. It’s like when someone tells you to not think about an elephant–what else can you think about then?

Use your writing abilities to share your experiences involving panic attacks with others. Try creating an e-book, a blog, or even go on speaking engagements. Sharing your experiences will help you realize how much you have accomplished and help other people with similar issues.

A great way to stop your anxiety and panic attacks is to try meditation and deep breathing exercises. Take 10 full deep breaths and count out each inhale and exhale. This exercise has a two-fold effect. Your brain receives more oxygen to aid in its functioning, and you are shifting your focus away from your anxiety to something more positive.

TIP! When feelings of panic begins to creep into your body, find a distraction as soon as possible. Try doodling, humming to yourself, or write down a little story.

Regardless of the time of day, go for a drive. When you get into your vehicle think positive thoughts, there is no reason why you should feel negatively. Just phase out the bad thoughts and concentrate on your driving. Doing this will force you to face your fears.

Discover the reasons behind your panic attack. Dealing with your problems immediately head-on can help to curb panic attacks, caused by allowing problems to fester, until they get the better of you. Give them the reason you have asked that particular question.

Panic Attack

TIP! Fighting a panic attack can make your symptoms worse. You should try to just allow the attack to happen.

While you are in the middle of suffering a panic attack, you can worsen the episode by fighting the sensations that arise. Instead, remind yourself it will be gone in a few moments and focus on calm breathing or something else soothing, such as music or an enjoyable activity. Fighting with a panic attack may be a losing battle.

Panic attacks can happen to almost anyone. Unfortunately, these people are going to continue to suffer from panic attacks unless they learn how to manage or prevent them. This article was designed to show you how to deal with your panic attacks, so that you can lead a healthy, more enjoyable life.

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